Spirits Good and Bad

Spiritism is absolutely designed for it’s users to interact with
good/helper spirits and the prayers are to God and the good spirits.
Under the few Archangels, the angels, and especially divine spirits
are just the spirits of those who walked the earth – we assume through many incarnations because achieving divinity is a long learning process. This author has raised an angel one time during the release of a house from a haunting – and encountered an angel once – through 22 years of spiritism. What you will be working with are good/helper spirits, who know, that while we are incarnated down here, we usually do not know of the divine world where they live, and will come to help us if beseeched. Spirits run from almost divine to bad – just like people.  The spiritist prayers in these lessons are one hundred percent designed to call the good spirits to our aid and keep away the bad.

Look at the chapter headings from the main spiritist prayer book –

To the Guardian Angels and Protector Spirits

During the Afflictions of Life

Giving Thanks for a Special Favor Obtained

To resist an Evil Temptation

To Correct a Deficit

To Make Bad Spirits Go Away

For The Sick

To Persons Who have Loved Each Other

From God in Nature

The Faith, the hope, the Charity

These are just some of the subjects covered in the prayer book by the father and master of Spiritism – Allan Kardec, who invented Spiritism of the French and superior school in the 1800s. Another school of spiritism – The English School, whose seances are often seen in movies and television – is a weaker school, although the French school and it’s masses are not seen in the media. This is good, because it’s ceremonies are complicated – and will only be given to you if you contact us  privately by writing, but use white table and plaza magic and the prayers in these lessons-and it is great to be able to reserve them either to owners of the book, which is rare and in a very bad translation into English, or to the readers of this website. Not all the prayers can be presented in this website, but the ones most important to gaining the help of the spirits will be quoted in full, with the necessary corrections to English – and both sections – The essay and the prayer or some of several prayers will be presented here.

The subject of bad spirits – which are very rarely seen/’contacted in
Spiritism will be made harmless through the appropriate prayers and the use of Spiritual Colognes, which will be covered in a separate chapter on Spiritual colognes and implements in the chapter on Bovedas. in any case, the choice of prayers was carefully made – and NO one need be afraid of contacting the spirits for what they  (the (contactor) needs. Doing this – in combination with the plazas, which are among other things
offerings to the spirits. They are also darned beautiful, and will
light up any home in a most attractive and enjoyable way. Spiritism
is beautiful, and if you open your mind and soul you should find it

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