Alan Kardec

The great man, who wrote under the name Allan Kardec, was the father of the Spiritist religion, and wrote the prayers that bring on the spirits like a fly to flypaper.  His prayers are more spirit-active
than any other that could be;  so that by choosing the right prayer,
or reciting all the prayers; you will establish a channel to God,
your Guardian Angel and your Protector spirits that will amplify the
effect of your candles and plazas and prayers, which are an important part of making candle/plaza magic work.  The prayers are very Christian, mainly Catholic, so don’t worry that you are doing anything WICKED in general.  Do not ignore this advice.  Here is
one of his best prayers for bringing down your protector spirits and
guardian angel and supplicating to God.

This work was written in French in the 1800s.  it was first translated into English in the 1920s and the translation was very bad and contained many errors in grammar; so I have corrected the prayers, which are chosen out of many prayers to aid in calling the spirits without which the PLAZAS will have much less power.  Here is Kardec:

1.  TO THE OBSESSED ONES:( 25% of americans are addicted to opiates and opioids alone ).  Add in OCD (Obsessive compulsive Disorder), eating disorders, addictions to amphetamines, psychotropic drugs, doctors, sex, and a multitude of other things that may be harmless in small amounts, but become deadly if they become obsessions, and we see that obsession is a great problem in America if not the world).  So we will here consult one of the great mystics and a great inventor of the spiritist religion.  He is not any way inferior than other great masters of recent history (2018), he is just much less famous as most people cannot deal comfortably with the dead or people who work with them.


The obsession is the persistent action that a bad spirit possesses
over an individual.  It presents different characters; from the
simplest moral influences without exterior signs until the complete
perturbation of the organism, and the mental facilities.  It also
alters all the faculties of a “Medium” in his written actions, it is
known for the obstinate quality of a spirit, that it is different from
all the other spirits.

The bad spirits pollute around the earth, consequent to the inferior
moral of we who live in it.  Their malevolent action forms part of all
the plagues suffered in the earth.  The obsessions and sickness and
all tribulations of men should then be recognized as a test or
expiation and accepted as thus.

The same way that illness is the result of imperfections which make the body accessible to pernicious influences of our exterior, the obsession is the result of a moral imperfection which gives access to a bad spirit.

It is precise to oppose a moral cause with a moral strength.  To
prevent illness we strengthen the body.  To prevent obsession we
vitalize the soul, we deduce from this that the obsessed one should
work for his own betterment, which many times is enough so that we won’t get traumatized from the obsessor without the help of others.

This help will be necessary when this obsession takes over in such away as to subjugate and degenerate him; and possesses him, because the individual becomes unwilling and looses his free will.

Obsession is almost all the time the product of vengeance exercised by a spirit; and often it has its precedence from the relation between the obsessed one and him.  It should remember that plant derived drugs, like opioids and opiates, cocaine, some psychedelics are directly extracted from the plants, other had their beginnings in plants, nearly every drug has an origin in plants.

In grave cases, the possessed one is engulfed in a pernicious fluid
which neutralizes the action of the healthy fluids rejecting the
pernicious fluids, shaming them, because a bad fluid cannot shame
another bad fluid.

By the identical actions of a “healing medium” in case of an illness, it is necessary to banish the bad fluid with the help of a good fluid, which produces a better product in effect.  This is the mechanical action, but it not enough; also and above all, it is necessary to “Act over an intelligent being,”whom it is necessary to have in a full spiritist mass”.

It is necessary to do more, to secure the liberation it is necessary
to conduct the bad spirit to resign his bad designs, it is necessary
“act over an intelligent being,” whom it is necessary to have.

The right to speak with authority, and the authority belongs to the
superior moral, the higher it is, the higher the authority.

It is necessary to do more, to secure the liberation, it is necessary to conduct the bad spirit to resign his bad designs, it is precisely to make repentance born in him, and the wish to do good, with the help of instructions directed skillfully in particular evocations, made with the looks of his moral education; then we could have the double satisfaction of liberating an incarnated owl conventing an imperfect spirit.

The labor gets easier when the obsessed one, understanding his situation, lends a hand with his will and prayer;  this does not happen when he is seduced by the fooling spirit, when illusions are made over the qualities of who dominate him, and feel satisfied in the error by which he is possessed, because then instead of ascending it, he refuses all assistance.  it is a fascinating case, always more rebellious than its submitting.  

Note: because of the bad quality of the original French – English translations that we are quoting from, occasionally the meaning of the prayers will not be clear.  But most importantly, the prayers work and there are no greater tools for helping a group or a single person release the spirits that dominate him or her.  In all cases of obsession, prayer is the most powerful aid to act against an obsessor spirit.  So here is an example of a spiritual prayer. for the process of, in this case, healing.  A complete list of all the prayers is available elsewhere in these documents.


-To be implored by the Obsessed-

Oh! Lord, permit the good spirits to free me from the malevolent spirit who has united with me.  If it is a revenge from him by the bad things I did to him at some time in the past, you permit it Oh, Lord for my punishment and I suffer the consequences of my fault.  Make my repentance deserve your forgiveness and my freedom. 

But no matter what his motive might be, I solicit your mercy for him:  Be willing to facilitate for him the way of progress.  Whose will deviates the thought to do wrong?  For my part he is returning good for bad, and it could conduce him to better sentiments.

I also know, oh! My Lord, that these are imperfections of mine, the
ones that are making me accessible to the influence of the bad spirit, grant me the necessary light to rid me of this, above all, combat in me the pride which makes me blind to prevent me to see my defects.

Which could be my indignity, making such a malevolent being, bother me so much!  Make, oh Lord this disgrace, deserved by my vanity, give me a lesson to prepare myself for my future.  Make it strengthen me in the resolution I take to purify myself  while practicing goodness for capacity and humanity with the object of presenting always a barrier to the bad influences.

Give me strength oh! Lord, to support this test with patience and
resignation.  I understand that, like all other tests, this one is
supporting my progress towards justice, and if it is a murmur, I lose
its utility, it proportionates me with occasion to manifest my
submission, and to exercise charity towards a disgraced brother,
forgiving him for what he has done.


To the Obsessed One-

Almighty God, give me the power to free __________  of the bad spirit who
obsesses him;  if it is your will to put an end to this tribulation.
Concede to me the grace to speak to him with authority.

Good spirits who assist, and you his guardian angel lend me your aid
and help me free him from the bad fluid which is surrounding him.

 In the name of Almighty God, I say to the malevolent spirit in him to flee!


-To the Obsessed Spirit-

Infinitely good Lord, I implore your mercy for the spirit who obsesses
________. Make him see your divine light, so that he should see his
false way.  Good spirits,  help me to help him understand that doing
evil, he looses everything, and that he gains everything by doing

Spirits who are complacent enough to torment __________, hear me,
because I speak to you in the name of God.

 If you want reflection, you should understand that evil could never
overcome justice, and that you could never be stronger than God, and
of the good spirits.

They have the power to preserve ___________, of all persecution coming
from you.  If they haven’t done it, it is because he (or she) had a
test coming to him.  But when this test shall conclude in him, all
your action over him shall be taken away; the evil you have done to
him, instead of doing wrong, for his progress, and he shall be more
happy for it; doing what you are doing, your evilness will be a purse
lost, and it will turn to curse you more.

God who can do everything, and His delegates; the superior spirits, who are more powerful than you, could put an end to this obsession any time they want to and your tenacity will then be against the divine authority.  But because God is good to you, He is giving you the chance to quit this obsession by your own will.  This is an installment granted to you.
If you don’t take advantage of it, you will then suffer from it, its
deplorable consequences, great punishments, and cruel sufferings which
will come to you.  You will be forced to implore his piety, and the
prayers of your
victim, who forgives you now and prays for you, which is a great merit
in the eyes of God, and will activate your liberation. Reflect now,
while there is still time; because the justice of God will fall over
you, as well as over all the spirits of reflection.  Think now, that
the wrong you are doing now will have its end; meanwhile if you
obstinate in your hardness your sufferings will increase without

When you were here on earth, could it not be stupid to sacrifice a great
right for a satisfaction of the moment?  The same thing happens now that
you are a spirit.  What do you gain with what you are doing?  The sad
satisfaction of torturing someone, which won’t impede you from being
disgraced, no matter how much you do say and it will still make you
more disgraceful.
Putting it another way, do you see what you lose?  Look at the good
spirits, which surround you, see if their blessings are preferable to
your torturing.  You could participate in their happiness, any time
you decide. What is necessary for you to obtain it?  Implore to God,
and do good instead of evil.  I know that you could not transform all
of a sudden, but God does not ask the impossible; what He wants is your good will.  Try him,that we also will help.  This way you will be manning us to say the usual prayer for you as we say it to the repented spirits.  We don’t have to chase you away with the bad spirits, until the time will come to count you among the good ones.

(See the prayer for the hardened spirits)


The healing of grave obsessions requires a lot of patience,
perseverance, and abnegation.  it also demands tact and the ability to
conduce the spirits to goodness, which are at times very perverse and
hardened and because there are some that will rebel to the last
degree; most of the time it is necessary to take the consequences, but
whatever could be the character of the spirit, it is true that it is
not obtained by force and menace; every influence is in the ascendant
moral.  Another truth equally justified by experience as by logic , is
the complete inefficiency of exhorts, formulas, sacramental words,
amulets,etc. Also the exterior practices or any other sacramental

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