Candle Colors

Each candle color and each saint on sainted or Catholic candles, or occult candles, has a specific HUE AS WELL AS A MESSAGE. These go along with the colors we use in candles of one, two, or multiple colored candles.  Because the occult candles are obvious in their usage due to the messages on them, we will here only concentrate on colored and sainted candles.

The choice between tall, ‘seven day’ candles, votive candles, small three or four inch candles, or ‘jumbos,” which are tall thick candles that are not presented wrapped in glass and stand usually alone or sometimes in groups.  Three inch or four inch candles are usually used in large groups, with a splash of many red candles and a splash or many black beside the reds is a favorite in black magic, such as quimbanda, palo mayombe, satanism and others.

The ‘seven day’ candles, which come plain color or sainted, are the prime focus of this guide.  The different colors of the colored candles ARE based in the ATR’s, The African Traditional Religions such as Ifa, Candomble (Brazil), Santeria (Cuba and the Caribbean), Quimbanda (Brazil), and Voudon (Haiti, usually pronounced ‘voodoo, while the correct pronunciation is ‘Vou-Doo’.  The reason these meanings are selected from the guidelines of the African systems of religious magic is that African Religious Magic is the most genuine, undoubted series of studies available, and the systems WORK.


The white candle is the most frequently purchased and used candle, because it represents purity, serenity, peace, high aspirations, and all the numerous varieties and uses of WHITE LIGHT.  Any time you wish to spread good energy, the white candle is invaluable.  And anytime you ask for anything positive to occur, using any collection of or single candle, any time you want to purify or protect something except martial protection, which is invoked by red, half black or green candles, which will be covered later, white candles are your ticket.  They lighten, whiten, and make holy any environment, which is why all the candles you see in prayer shrines at Catholic churches are white or saint candles with white wax.  It is highly rare to see a colored candle in such holy candle tables, because white candles, and white cloths, white ceramics, and other white objects, even including white foods on plazas, are holy.


Most candle systems tell you to use green candles if you are desiring money.  In reality, it is the yellow candle that increases the power of any prayer for ABUNDANCE.  Abundance includes money, love, sexual wealth, and all the ‘good things in life’ in the sense of the physical world, are stimulated by yellow candles.  LIKE ALL CANDLES, THE MORE CANDLES YOU PUT TOGETHER  ON THE FLOOR, THE BETTER IT IS AND THE STRONGER THE STATEMENT AND THE PRAYER ARE. But there are good and bad numbers.  Use three, five, seven, eight, nine, fifteen, seventeen, or twenty-one candles for optimum results.  As you go up in number, the strength of the statement/prayer increases.  The other colors that can be included in an abundance altar (or shrine/plaza) are coral orange or, in rare cases, brown or black.  But these other colors are based on the secondary vibrators to the force in nature that vibrates to ABUNDANCE, and a simple PLAZA of three yellow candles (see the shape of candle PLAZAS  in another section).  The more you use the more you get back, but even one is sufficient, or three.


The brown candle has both a dark side and light side, it represents both mother earth and the dead who lie beneath;  The force in nature that is represented by brown is used in PLAZAS when you wish to invoke the spirit of the earth itself; like when you are growing plants, farming, burying something in order to hide it, or any other activity where you desire mother earth to do something for you; in the most important use she will take anything.  She will take disease away, she will take any problem away, if you pray to God and then to her; her name in the African religions is ———–, and call her and burn brown candles and she will react to your prayers,  As always, the glass encased “seven day” glass encased candle, which actually burns for five and a half days if it is allowed to burn without interruption.  This is covered in the section on candle types — but if you want a long mega-effective burn, use the ‘seven day” candle.


The orange candle has a unique use — it is used to increase CONCENTRATION. If you are writing, if you are studying, if you are creating art or music, the orange candle will make it easier to concentrate on what you are doing.  It has no other use except as an augmenter of the yellow abundance candles.





Most people say the green candle is the candle for money.  But in reality, the yellow candles cover abundance.  The green candle is for work — burn them if you need job, or if you have trouble at work.  The green candle is work work work.  For reasons related to the ATRs,  do not burn yellow and green candles together.  in fact, it can be negative or dangerous to burn the wrong colors of candles together,  When we get into the saint candles(usually for positive purposes, protection and religious worship), it is virtually impossible to put the wrong candles together, but, for instance, for the colored candles, putting a green and a yellow candle together is negative and should be avoided.  This again, based on the forces of nature that the colors represent in African and african-born magic, which really is the most powerful magic in the world.  Ifa, the father religion that may be 30,000 years old, its child, the Santeria of Cuba, Puerto Rico and the rest of the Caribbean, adheres to the colors ascribed to the different forces in nature.  But because for the purposes of this website, which is candle/plaza magic and not to invite people into or teach people about the African Traditional religions, we will base our discussion to the various colors of the African religions of the west of the continent, the saints of
Catholic religion, and the mechanics of using candles in magic.  There ar other magical systems that use candles differently, but again, for the purpose of this website, we will use the African religions in our discussion of colors-in general.  GREEN is the color of the force in nature that slices his way through the underbrush to enable you to get to your goals, after another force, which uses the red and black candle, has opened the door for you and a third shoots the arrow that never misses its mark, and finds the exact place you need to find in order to reach in to find your way to the spot where your goals can be realized.

All candle systems that are worth their weight have candle color meanings but we have found that the African color associations are the most powerful, so those are the ones we will work with in  And the PLAZA MAGIC system in general is a system of Spiritism, which is covered in another major lesson.  So green is to give you the force to reach your goals, and you should burn it for that, singularly or in groups, to accomplish this.  Later on we will discuss the use of multiple candles.


PURPLE is the color of the force in nature that rules over INFECTIOUS DISEASE.  That is why his awesome power makes him FATHER OF THE WORLD in the Yoruba religion of Nigeria, Benin, and other near-by religions, because he can eliminate humanity if he so desires,  Burn purple candles if you have or are afraid of getting an infectious disease.  Purple is his color, so burn purple candles either to prevent or cure infectious diseases. Cancer is sometimes an infectious  disease, and we assume is infectious, and things like Ebola, malaria, herpes, and others are DISEASES.  Purple is the color that can protect against these horrible diseases, Other offerings should go along with the purple candles, but purple candles alone should have some effect.  Pitting them on a piece of purple velvet, as discussed later in this lesson, strengthens this offering.  So does burlap.  But these things will be covered later in the section about augmenting
candle/plaza magic.


VIOLET is the color of the divine hunter, the force in nature (these forces are found in polytheistic (more than one entity worshiped in religions all around the world). In Mexico and Latin America they are called “Las Potencias” (The Potencies).  If you need or want something, the exact metaphysical and/or physical spot where it is to be found is found by The Divine hunter.  His color is violet, and in the west he is also used by drug dealers and criminals to keep the police away and get away with crime, but the Africans say that using him for non-spiritual purposes can cause spiritual problems down the road.  It is your choice, so burn violet candles if you want to keep the police at bay, or burn them if you have to find the exact spot to go to if you have a goal that is hard to fulfill.

A combination of RED and WHITE candles is used to access the force in nature that is masculine energy, masculine force, masculine sexuality, and in nature is fire and lightning, RED AND WHITE.

The multi colored candles, which come in layers of either seven or nine layers, each layer a different color, represent either the Seven African powers, the most important of the 200 or so orishas or saints of Ifa and Santeria, or if nine colors, the force in nature which is the Wind, or the centella, the tiny spark of energy that precedes each bolt of lightning as it flashes from the heavens to the ground.  Yes, there is a separate energy force, a small electrical energy pulse, that precedes the lightning bolt and establishes its trajectory in it’s flash of micro-seconds to the ground.

The combination of BLUE and WHITE candles represent the archetype of the Holy Mother, both in African magic and in Catholic iconography, such as in Mary mother of Jesus, La Milagrosa, Yemaya, (the virgin of the Rule), the Virgin of San Juan and many motherly saints of the Catholic or Yoruba (Nigerian)religion.  Any time MATERNAL energy is desired, the protection of the holy or the motherly female.  In African religion the blue and white candles represent Yemaya, in the Catholic religion Our lady of the Rule, La Milagrosa, The Virgin of San juan, or the majority of holy mothers.

The combination of green and black is the proper preparation for prayers for finding work, or for facilitating work, or for problems with work.  The force in nature that is represented by green and black is a huge, muscular, gruff spirit who works twenty four hours a day, all year without a rest.  He is the ruler of metals, and he produces implements made of metal 24/7/365 unless he is performing his other function, removing obstacles from your roads.  in the ancient  days when the origin of these candle colors came into existence, this force was the one who, using a big iron machete, cleared a path through the jungle underbrush if one wanted to get from a to B and there was no road between where you were and where you needed to go.  A special plaza for work is shown in our photographs.

AND HERE IS THE GREAT GIFT OF THIS FREE LESSON ON CANDLE COLORS – THE SECRET OF THE RARE COMBINATION OF PINK AND WHITE CANDLES PRESENTED TOGETHER.  PINK AND WHITE, IF THE PINK IS A TRUE BABY PINK AND NOT A VIOLET PINK, A SHOCKING PINK OR AN ORANGE PINK, ALONG WITH WHITE, REPRESENT JESUS CHRIST, A FACT KNOWN BY FEW PEOPLE. THE SPIRIT (WHITE) AND THE FLESH (PINK).  Your pink must be pure, not a pink candle lined with red streams as it melts down.  The true pink candle is hard to find, but it is available either from or any of it’s affiliates whose links But situations like this exist.  Our candles are not even available in most places.  The issue is solved by us.  WE WILL DESIGN A PLAZA FOR YOUR SPECIFIC MAGICAL NEEDS AND SEND YOU ALL THE INGREDIENTS IF YOU LIVE FAR FROM THESE PRODUCT’S AVAILABILITY.  INSTRUCTIONS FOR US OF THE VARIOUS COLORS AND COMBINATIONS are to be found at the bottom of these lessons. BUT YOU SHOULD BUY PINK CANDLES FROM US.  SEND AN E MAIL TO if you cannot find light pink candles.  The pink candles offered by our affiliates are the false pink.


Obviously, the black candle is used in black, negative works, or works of attack or negative control.  IT, UNLIKE THE OTHER CANDLE COLORS, is the total presence of color, and white is the total absence of color, so black is not actually a color.  But if you look carefully, you will notice that black candles are made from great concentrations of dark purple pigment, so we can rightfully call it a color.  AND LIKE ALL CANDLE COLORS, IT HAS ELEMENTS OR ACCOUTERMENTS that can be added to the candle or the use of the candle which will increase it’s power, in this case negative power.



All the colored and white and black candles are available from MAGICPLAZAS.COM, if you ask the site to design you a personalized spell, or from any of the Affiliate links later down in the site, which will also avail you of many other magical products.  Information on any product is available if you e mail MAGIC PLAZAS at  Their number is legion, and it takes years of study to develop any concept of what they are and how they are used.  But candle and PLAZA MAGIC are available to you exactly as prescribed and can be used by you immediately,
simply by following the instructions in this free lesson.  Try to afford at least three candles or candle combo for each spell, along with the prayers in the section on Spiritist prayer.

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