Simple Design

“The simplest and most basic plaza, one that can invoke White Spirit or clean the atmosphere of a room or be used in prayers to angels, and is one which has incredible power considering the simplicity of it’s ingredients, consists of a tall white glass and white wax candle, a glass of water filled to the brim, and nine white carnations in a clear vase.  This plaza is remarkably powerful, both as an atmosphere cleaner and an ancestor worship shrine.  If you want to use it to honor your ancestors who have
passed to the other side, the number nine is always used, the reason being that nine is the number of the dead, so you must burn the candle for nine days, –  you need to have an extra seven day white candles, to light in the center of the glasses before the original glass candle goes out.

This small plaza, and all plazas, should be made in an arrow formation,
with one candle burning out in your direction in bed, if thhe work is for you, or outward if the triangle is used in good works and burn without
interruption, as do all plazas, and should be made on the floor to root it
to the earth.  (the candles actually burn for about five days) .For an
ancestor altar, if you have framed photos of ancestors who have passed
(only) include them.  A Christian cross, balanced across the mouth of the
central glass, is helpful,  if you burn the white altar for nine days
without interruption, you will have no doubt about the results.  If you
sleep anywhere but without the altar, you must start the nine days over
again!  Try it, it is a great introduction to candle magic!!

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