Symmetry of Plazas

All plazas should be designed in symmetrical forms, with triangular shapes that point in certain directions being highlighted.  The directional design of plazas should point at the beginning with expansion at the far end indicating the beginning and an open end, or ‘infinity’ being indicated, or open ended coming to a point to indicate emphasis towards an offering or particular direction.  ALL PLAZAS MUST INCLUDE AT LEAST THREE CANDLES, IN TRIANGULAR FORM, AND FIVE, SEVEN, OR NINE GLASSES OF WATER, ALWAYS FILLED ABSOLUTELY TO THE BRIM. ONE EXCEPTION IS THE SIMPLE ANCESTRAL ALTAR, THE BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK IN CANDLE MAGIC, FOR AN ANCESTRAL ALTAR, OR A PEACE ALTAR, NINE WHITE CARNATIONS (NINE BEING THE NUMBER OF THE END, THE DEAD, OR SPIRIT) BEING THE THIRD, DESIRABLE, BUT NOT ESSENTIAL, AUGMENTATION IS VERY EFFECTIVE WITH YOUR WATER AND WHITE CANDLE. THIS CAN BE A SINGLE CANDLE, BUT WITH ANY COLORED CANDLES, THREE CANDLES IN A TRIANGULAR SHAPE IS THE KEY TO MUCH EFFECT.  It is good to put a food offering on a plaza.  Most people can remember the ancestral altars in Chinese restaurants, with their Buddha statues, God or Goddess statues, candle shaped lights, and plates of apples or fruit, always designed in good composition on and/or under the table.  

From there, you are only limited by your imagination, and you may include any object or collection of objects that delight the spirits. You must make use of the information on candle colors found in this website. but for all colored offerings, three candles pointing out is the way to go, and when you need candles you must determine whether it takes five, seven, or nine candles, and if it takes more than five days you will need to have back-up candles and light any candle plaza’s second candles, as the “seven day” candle actually burns about five and a half days. In this case, there are four bottles of spiritual colognes on the table, plus an antique carving of a nun. 

There is a glass skull, a silver chain, and the plaza is on white wedding fabric, decorated with pearls and sequins in white.  The end result is a thing of beauty, and you should always strive for a thing of beauty.  The large, complicated plaza shown is an imaginative floor plaza, made up of innumerable elements collected over time, and it is not necessary to make such a big presentation to create connection with spirit.  TECHNICALLY, ALL THAT IS NEEDED TO COMPLETE THE AIR/FIRE/EARTH/WATER symmetry is a white candle and a glass of water which should, again, be filled all the way to the brim.  These design descriptions seem arbitrary, but they are not unnecessary.  Plaza making is a specific art form!

You must be creative with plazas and table shrines.  Remember, you are creating a bridge to the spirit world, and if the creation was haphazard,it would not work.  It must be beautiful, respectful, and very much visually appropriate to the force in nature whose help you are beseeching.  There will be new lessons and essays appearing on this site regularly, so if you want to become a plaza/candle magician, search for the new lessons that will be appearing regularly.     

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