Saints Candles

Both saints candles and magic message candles come in more varieties than can be listed here.  But here we will go through thee most common of the saints candles and what they are most often used for.  Saints and Jesus type candles come in both highly colorful paper wrapped candles with beautifully painted images to the white burned in images type.  These are made (The White Images) with the same techniques as the Magic Message Candles.  Here are the important ones-

1. Jesus Christ and the Holy Child Christ – These require no explanation, as-

2.  The Holy Mother Mary – needs no explanation

3.  Although this is not a common candle, it is probably the most powerful of all candles.  San Cipriano (Saint Cyprian) was the greatest sorcerer in Italy during the fourth Century A.D. and was famous all over Italy as a great magician.  At a point later in his life he decided to devote his life to God rather than sorcery but spent the rest of his life doing magical curations and miracles of various sorts anyway, just white work.  He is the Ultimate Jinx Breaker, and his candle will go as far as saving your life when you are in a bad situation.  Like with all candles, three or five or seven candles gives his influence a great boost, but one is way better than nothing.  A San Cipriano candle with a full glass of water (and remember, full means full) is the greatest salvation that you will ever find in a candle,  If you cannot find him get in touch with us at or write us at

4.,  San Miguel ArchAngel The Devil Slayer – Another great protector and Jinx-Breaker is the Archangel Saint Michael, who is usually shown killing the devil at his feet as he rides his horse.  He is an Archangel, meaning he is one of the three greatest saints who stand under God in the Catholic Religion.  Burn him for any sort of trouble you may be in.

5.  San Judas Tadeo – The Patron Saint of Lost Causes is not the Judas who betrayed Jesus, but was a beautiful, blonde, glowing saint who is treasured to combat Lost Causes. He has been worshipped in this way for hundreds of years

6.  San Lazaro – This is not the Lazarus who rose from the grave in the Bible, but instead is the Patron Saint of Infectious Diseases.  He is in some traditions called “The father of the world” because he can wipe out all of humanity with infectious pandemics, or save us.  Burn him when you have fear of infectious disease, anything from a cold to AIDS or Hepatitis,  DO NOT use him in place of going to the doctor or
hospital, always go to medical practitioners first, but use his candle as a faith builder against infectious diseases only.  He is shown as an Old, Skinny man with sores all over his body, crutches, and two black dogs.

7.  The Nino (Child) of Atocha.  This miraculous child saint was famous for feeding the poor, the sick, and the imprisoned.  he once appeared at the gates of a prison bearing a big basket of food for the prisoners, which he gave out until he had none left.  When he appeared again at the gates to leave, his basket was again filled to the brim. he is treated as a Jesus Child, as is the Nino (Child) of Prague.

8.  The various Virgin Saints, including –

   a.  Mother Fatima  (The holy mother of Portugal)
   b.  Our Lady of San Juan (Puerto Rico’s virgin)
   c.  La Milagrosa (The Miraculous Mother)
   d.  The Virgin of the Rule – A Catholic representation of a major African Goddess of the Ocean, Yemaya
   e.   The Virgin of La Mercedes (The Virgin of Mercy), The Catholic Representation of the  Godess of Mercy and of White Light and Whiteness.
   f.    The Virgin of Caridad del Cobre (The Charity of Copper), a Catholic Representation  of the African Goddess Oshun ( The Spirit of the River)

And numerous other saints candles.  Interesting are two renditions of Jesus on the Cross ak

There are also candles that recent or relatively recent miracle workers, such as San Simon, a famous magician/healer of Guatemalan Origins.  These candles invoke their spirits and are easy to spot.

Dark Candles for use in witchcraft, which can include San Simon and also, Santissimo Muerte (Holy Death or The Grim Reaper), Anima Sola (The Lonely Spirit), Intranquilo (The Intranquiil Spirit) – the Most Powerful witchcraft candle – and others with negative vibrations.  There are also the Apparition Candles – These are candles which depict events in which huge images of Christ on the cross appeared in the air (usually in Guatemala (and often had dark brown or even black or African skin or coloration.

Nuestro Senor de las Esculipas
and others.  There are numerous other saints candles wrapped in paper with white or colored wax  (With colored glass,  make sure to be aware that the candle color matters less than in just using a colored candle without imprint or wrapping. Beautiful paintings reproduced (these include about 40 other saints and even Pope John Paul the Second) and the colored images glow out of the candle as they burn.

The magical Message candles, which project at least 100 different  choices and can be found through the links.  Their use is obvious but is sometimes controlling, putting them into the realm of witchcraft Candles, and others which are quite innocent, like “Protection”.

Although some altars are made on a table or end table, the best place to burn “7 day” glass encased candles is the floor – even a carpet, and you can develop your talent until you can adorn the whole house or building in use with a floor-full of burning candles, and  you will know what to put where.  In terms of the wax colors on decorated candles, there are many appropriate colors.  If there are many colors of a candle, remember that magenta is for good and purple is for a bad use. Otherwise, just use the candle colors in this e book. However there are some colors that don’t go well with specific other colors, so check the candle color guide always.

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