Candle Formations

Of the three main types of candle formations that you can use on a plaza, the most commonly used and the two positively powerful ones are the triangle, and the circle. and the square, which is the shape for is not a main interest here in Magic Plazas.  There will be an essay on dark magic and one on the hardly known grey magic.  The triangle is highly functional and very common.   It is an arrow point, and is a pyramid, both powerful symbols.  If you are not going to burn say, a single white candle with a glass of water and nine white flowers (carnations, white carnations),  You need to have at least three of the same candle, and arrange them in a triangular or arrow position, with the point facing whatever you want to impact.  Say all you can afford to do is write your prayer three times in graphite pencil on brown shopping bag paper, and if you can find it, congeal the prayer even further to the paper by rubbing it with palm oil. (available at botanicas, or butter or vegetable oil, it has many uses. Point the triangle with its point pointing at the parer, which should be laid flat on a small white plate, and surround the plate with anything else you wish to offer the plaza, such as money (mostly change is fine), or flowers, herbs, toys, saint statues, figurines, or whatever else you decide to offer,   and point the triangle at the plate of offerings. NEVER forget your glass of water full to the brim!

The circular formation, a circle of candles, is an excellent device for white magic, and a circle of whites works excellently.  the glass of water, and the other offerings, if any, should be placed inside the circle.  (remember however – with the white candle and a glass of water one can push prayer into the cosmos, and this works for the ancestor spirits and peace in the home.!) The disadvantage of the circle is that it involves at least eight candles to look right, and is rather expensive to make. But if money is less of an object, the circle of white candles or message candles is an excellent, effective tool.

The square formation using four candles to make the four corners of the square is an evil or difficult formation, and is only used in the black arts.  Even a square formation of white candles is negative, and it is hard to envision anything but a square of black candles, or of a saint who was known of have the power of witchcraft, such as the most powerful saint of all, San Cipriano, whose candle with a other accouterments, can save your life in certain situations.  A full list of the most important catholic saints, which is included elsewhere in this website’ essay, finds San Cipriano on top.  San Cipriano the Jinx Breaker (and he truly is) is famous for getting rid of bad. Read about this saint for more information on this extremely powerful miracle worker, who switched from being the most powerful sorcerer in Italy in the fourth century, to priesthood in the Catholic church, where he of course continued to produce miracles, especially curations.  

However, never put four candles into a square and use that square for an offering, unless you really want to hurt or negatively impact whomever the formation was built for.  The square is negativity, and is even used by certain high priests when they want to do black magic.  Or even good priests who must learn the dark side for defensive or other purposes.  It is good to remind you here, that Plaza Magic, is a “soft” form of magic that is being practiced.  

Most forms of real magic are aggressive, or intense, hard ceremonies, the use of blood sacrifice (which is actually “life force offering)” rotting matter of various sorts, and the joining of worshipers that activate the forms of magic by dancing, the use of magical tree branches, and more.  Nevertheless when the candle user gets the white or colored flame pointing up from a glass encased blue or red or green or other deep, rich, shiny field of wax, and knows you through experience burning candles for twenty two years. 

You can create other shapes such as the half moon behind an offering, but always hold to a triangular formation of three, five, or seven candles and three, five, or seven water glasses, plus the effective flowers for each color, listed later in this e-book. Flowers water, and candles are essential to this magical art form.                                                                        f                                                                                    

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