Love Spell

When a magician or a developing magician works as a spell caster or a spiritual guide for other people, you find out that love magic, and money magic, are the two subjects that most frequently come up.  Love magic CAN BE the most black of magics with horrible karmic paybacks, if you desire to steal a person who is in a relationship with another person; “Please get Laura to leave Tom and come to me” is a formula for absolute disaster.  If you don’t believe in karma, you probably soon will.  When you are a man and a woman tells you she has a boyfriend, this does not always mean that she is in love with someone. You must get to know her better to determine whether she is really in love with another or if she is using this statement as a defense, and this is obvious, but if you come to the conclusion that she is actually single and merely is dating or dating a man without love being present, you are open to trying to impress her and reach the male goal, which is often getting the woman into bed and making love to her, followed by whatever transpires between you  A great relationship can be found in a one night stand or in an alley way.  But think very carefull before trying to steal a human being from a lover. 

You must not try to “get” a person with control magic, as it is black, and can bounce right back onto you.try to get a person magically, as this too is black magic if you are trying to make a disinterested woman turn suddenly in love with you.  This is possible for most magicians to do, and if they are good enough to do it they also know how to shield themselves from the bad karma that comes to those who force a woman to come to a man.  (Or visa versa)  But it WILL come to you if you decide to force the issue, even if you are hopelessly in love with her.

Learn as you go through life of the danger that love and sexual affairs can come to you, and try not to be led by your hormones, which is very diffidult.

However, if the woman is free, even if she has a “boyfriend” who is not a true lover, you may use candle/plaza magic to make a magical prayer to become attractive to her.  It is so essential to just use magic plazas to work on YOU, how you look, how you vibrate, what is present in your aura, these are metaphysical traits similar to using a great cologne and smelling great.  To give a special and protective gift to our readers, this prayer is given to all members of this website, and the accompanying public, to use if they heed the two warnings given. You need:

Three yellow “seven day” candles encased in glass

A Hummingbird, ‘Ven a me” (Come To Me” or other love candle), or a candle honoring the Yoruba goddess Oshun, the archetypical forerunner of Aphrodite, Venus, and the love goddesses of many other religions. So if you can find an Oshun candle, this is good.  Make a triangle of the three yellow candles pointing out to the world or facing a photo of the object of your desire, a photo of you with the woman, or a prayer to God or to the Spirit of the River, asking them to help you consecrate your love for her.

You need 3 oranges.  Cut them in half as you need five half oranges, not six.  Throw the sixth half orange away or eat it.

Three pieces of brown paper, each big enough to write the woman’s name on it three times, with your name written right over hers three times.

White Bacardi rum

A jar of honey, which symbolizes the nectar of love.  The half oranges are also sacred to the force in nature that governs love, sex, wealth, and all kinds of abundance.  

Put the five half oranges on a white plate, put the five pieces of brown shopping bag paper (with their and your names crossing over each other three times) on the faces of the half oranges (cut to size), cover the orange halves and brown paper with honey, and light your candles.  These systems use verbal prayers, so pray as you set your plaza up (on the floor, actually the bathroom floor is best because of how it connects to the water table). Pray:

With Gods blessings

With The Blessings of Jesus

(ask for the blessings of any God, Saint, or Angel or Spirit that you believe in, starting with the Gods or with God Almighty, then going down through the ranks)

With the Blessings of the Ancient High Priests

With the Blessings of the santeros and santeras who have already passed to the other side and live in heaven

With the Blessings of the Spirit of the River who rules over love, sex, and all forms of abundance

With the blessings of my good and pure ancestors

With the blessings of my departed friends (name them:

The Blessings of:___________________

The Blessings of____________________


Bring into my life the Spirit of the River whose sweet water bring all abundance to man, who could not survive without you, bring me the abundance over which she rules, make me attractive to he/she who I desire in my heart.

Help me do good for this person and may they be good for me.

Now step back and spray rum all over the air above the items three times.

light the cigar and make big puffs of smoke all over the offering, and above the offering, calling”

“Oh! Magnificent God who rules all things and all miracles, and who reigns specially over the good and angelic spirits, please consider _________________ the object of my love and have her be sensitive to my clean desires, which come from my heart.  I do not wish to steal her or her heart, and if she is with someone whom she truly loves, she may be left alone by you as an act of awareness of your laws which i respect. But sweeten her heart to me as I sweeten the flesh of these orange halves, which are sacred to the force in nature who is love itself!  Have it be that she hears my prayer and that her heart softens to me, if it is your will. And if I pray for a taken woman, relive my heart from this flaming desire, which eats at my soul, which i desire to make and keep clean with thee! AMEN”

You should spray the air with rum and cigar smoke.  Now put your finger in the honey on all five pieces, and say the above prayer three times as you stroke the paper and move it around the honey.  Make your prayer true and from the heart, as always. Now put your clean finger in your mouth and lick off the honey of love. Say “Thank you Lord and all his good spirits” “Amen!!!

On another note, know that the two things that most women really look at in you are your finger nails, which should be short, clean, and good looking, and your shoes, which should if possible look expensive, clean and new.  Your eyes and body come next, but women are less beauty driven than men.

If you are female, and desire a man, make your offering of three red and three black halved candles (if you cannot find these please e mail us), with a plate of three ears of Indian Corn which is easiest to find near Thanksgiving, and which you should buy in quantity for use now and in the future. Otherwise they can still be found.  

This website will also provide a witchcraft to take care of men who are beating their women.  This is one of the few situations which justifies witchcraft, as it is potentially deadly.  This is a true sin, and if a man is angered by a woman, leave the house and let it pass, and if he decides to leave her after repeated trouble between you, do so carefully and with a heavy heart. SHOULD THE SITUATION BECOME BAD, AS IT OFTEN WILL, CONTACT US.

Good luck with this holy process!  Stay Clean and Stay safe. DO NOT SMOKE anything while this plaza is being set up or during prayers or ever during ceremonies for this Goddess,

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