Get what you need with Candle Magic

Candle magic is a very broad and common subject within magic studies with many websites on the net devoted to it. has a very effective specialty called plaza magic, which is the study of candle placement and  other offerings appropriate in making forms in ways that really set the spirits off.  This will be divided into several kinds of information.. If you want to read all the essays, which is recommended,you will read much important information, and if you contact us, some services will be tailored just for you.  If you want to start making plazas, glass encased, multi colored candles are not available in most parts of the country, but they will be available to you. Big stand alone candles without glass are messy and a bit dangerous. Expensive fragrance candles are not generally presented in the right colors.

Rich, basically colored candles are what the spirits want and you want. Photos of the right kind of candles are provided in this e book AND ON OUR YOU TUBE VIDEOS.. Plaza magic is more passive, THE PLAZA is set up according to certain rules, and then left to burn and do their job. Many forms of magic are very active, meaning that they involve the manipulation of cauldrons, magic tree branches, magic herbs, machetes, and other accouterments that can be very aggressive.  Photos of very complicated magic plazas are shown in the section on the black arts. There are incantations, dances, trances, and active states and activities that involve innumerable tools and years of education and training.  But advanced candle magic, Plaza Magic, is passive magic, meaning that you lay down your plaza based on certain forms and colors, oil your
candles, light them, make your prayer, blow a mist of alcohol and cigar smoke,  and let the plaza burn. If you keep an abundance plaza burning, you should see an increase in money and love.

If you keep an ancestor worship/peace in the home  altar burning, you will honor your ancestors and find an increase in the peaceful vibration in your home.  You will increase your link to your ancestors, the spirits who care about you more than any others, and the maker of the plaza or altar can pray for help or assistance from them.  if you burn a work plaza, you should find a good job with greater ease than you will otherwise.  The colored candles correspond to forces in nature, and each of these forces has an anthropomorphic or human-like side, and has foods, flowers, cloths, and other things that they respond to.  it is not too much to ask to augment their plazas with these things.  The items are not expensive, and the effect makes it well worth the statement.  Some plazas involve no more than a candle, a glass of water, and perhaps some flowers, hopefully white carnations. Their creation is an artistic and spiritual endeavor, as will be seen.

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